Richard Sanderson
Teacher of English Literature, English Language & Philosophy

Richard hails from the middle of England but since leaving school has travelled extensively, working in many schools in the UK and across the world, finally making France his home. Apart from being a very engaging teacher with many academic accolades Richard is quite simply a great listener and thinks deeply about life. As you can see from what he says below he has the right balance too…
Richard writes of himself… ‘ I enjoy growling at the newspaper with a cup of freshly ground Kenyan coffee and reading literature with a glass of Bordeaux red. My favourite food treat is Dim Sum, which takes me back to the time I spent living in China and Hong Kong. I like trail running in the forest of Fontainebleau, between the sandstone boulders and along the pine tree ridges. And I love to spend time with my family, whether it’s trips to Paris or cycle rides along the Seine, or chasing our chickens out of the vegetable patch!’

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