Nick Thorner
Teacher of History, Geography and English

Teaching and writing course books alongside Jude and Sarah over many years, Nick was a natural choice when it came to developing the curriculum and courses for IELTS in the early years of OEO. Since then Nick has been teaching his degree subjects of Geography and History to our students from late Primary to GCSE.
Nick says he turned to online teaching because he finds lessons far more productive when learners are studying at a time and place of their choosing. He also observes.. ‘I do love the way online lessons permit you to take a look at what students have written so easily when they type on a shared screen or in the chat box. It makes giving feedback so much easier.’
Partly, since living in Italy, Nick says he’s developed a passion for good food! He also enjoys painting and bird watching, two hobbies he’s had a lot more time to engage with since teaching online.

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