Lucy Martin
Teacher of Science for KS2 & 3 and Geography

Lucy has lived and taught all over the world but now happily trades in the stress of commuting in big cities, be it London, Buenos Aires, Amsterdam or Barcelona for rural life back in the UK in Sussex. She says of teaching online, ‘’Sometimes I miss the buzz of being in a school environment, but what I lose in buzz I gain in focus and care which in turn benefits the students. As with all aspects of Life having the opportunity to feel relaxed and present is the best platform for transmission and learning.
Lucy is a dedicated conservationist and has an extensive background in organising and participating in ecological projects around the world. She passionately promotes sustainability in the environment and is a highly valued member of a number of volunteer groups, where she is a guide, tutor as well as someone always keen to pick up a spade to plant trees. As well as being a keen horticulturist, Lucy is a skilled beekeeper and has enjoyed this hobby for many years – Lucy’s honey is delicious!

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