Glynis Drinkwater
Teacher of Maths & Chemistry

Glynis thought she had retired from teaching when we asked her if she would like to help one of our students with maths, dipping her toe into online teaching. She thought about it for a while and thankfully agreed – she says this was one of the best decisions she’s ever made! It was for us, and the student Glynis taught successfully passed his GCSE!
Glynis says, ‘Too many people say that they hate maths, but I love it – they may not have liked the way that they had been taught before but it is so logical and interesting once they get over their initial fear. One boy even said that he was looking forward to the lessons, after originally thinking that they would be stressful. Students progress so well – especially as there is no hiding in the corner and hoping someone else would speak!’.
Although Glynis loves teaching, she has plenty of other interests. In fact so many she can’t fit them all in. She can often be found in her garden (but not if it’s raining or too cold!), and on those cooler rainier days, knitting, embroidery and music may beckon – or a good book. She was a houseparent in a boarding school for many years and has had several invitations to visit ex-students in their own countries; this has not happened yet but who knows what the future holds?

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