Carlota Collins

Carlota Collins
Teacher of English & French

As an experienced EFL, EAP and English Literature teacher, Carlota began teaching online as a way to expand her skills and experience, something which has proven to be invaluable as more and more students switch to online learning. Through her experience, Carlota has found that there are far fewer differences between physical and online classrooms in terms of engagement, and the depths of discussion and ideas exchanged between students and teachers, as well as teaching children valuable tech skills.

Seeing moments when students make connections between something they have read and the outside world, or something they have read and a theme, or seeing a group debate a response to a text, whether or not they agree, but being able to acknowledge each other’s ideas is a real joy.

Languages are in Carlota’s blood. Her mother is Spanish, so she spent a lot of time overseas growing up with that side of her family, as well as a year in Paris during her degree studying Modern Languages. Carlota worked in advertising for several years on international accounts, whilst also living abroad in the Netherlands and the USA and says that being part of international communities in both of these places was a fantastic experience for her family. Carlota and her family have two cats, Pete and Eddie, who were named by the rescue centre after characters in the Narnia novels having been abandoned in a box on a street corner… ‘such brilliant names we couldn’t change them!’

Carlota’s real passion is books and reading or listening to podcasts about books and reading! She has no favourite genre or author, although there is a special place in her heart for previously neglected female authors particularly from the 1950s and 60s who are now coming back into publication. She also spends a lot of time walking which is a great opportunity to listen to her audiobooks. Her other hobbies include knitting and felting, which she finds extremely therapeutic!