Belinda Boden
Primary specialist

Belinda has that warm and magical appeal to the young children she teaches and adults are drawn to her too! She writes about why she loves the online teaching and working with OEO, ‘Each child has a different personality and a different learning style and teaching 1:1 or in small groups online allows you to get to know this quicker. It’s really fun planning exciting sessions towards the interests and needs of the individual. I am currently teaching a child who loves learning about the rainforest and is desperate to do non-fiction writing, so I’ve planned a unit that incorporates writing skills into that genre and topic.
Belinda also says, ‘Younger children have a shorter attention span, so I was initially concerned about teaching younger children online. After a few sessions, I soon discovered that it was easier to overcome this online than in a classroom. If I notice a child is beginning to lose concentration I can quickly move to a grammar/maths game to liven things up or watch a 1 min video clip to tell me all the adjectives they can think of etc. before returning to the lesson.‘
Belinda’s bubbly and enthusiastic character comes through in everything she does. Passionate about music, well travelled and now mum to two young children, Belinda’s had and has a very busy life, so how does she relax … ‘My favourite Sundays are out with the family having a picnic up a hill!’

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