Adrian Budd
Teacher of Business and Economics

Business and Economics are subjects that really benefit from having a teacher who’s worked in the ‘real world’, so we are lucky to have Adrian! As well as being a really approachable and effective teacher, after university Adrian worked as a Chartered Accountant before switching to teaching 15 years ago. As Adrian says, ‘When students can relate what they are learning to what is happening in the real world it suddenly becomes more relevant which encourages their learning.’
Three years ago, Adrian started getting into online teaching. Like many of us he enjoys what working & learning from home brings. However, that’s not the whole picture. Invested with a desire to share his love of Accounts, Business and Economics Adrian is a huge advocate of online teaching. ‘It is more focused and you are able to teach without the distractions of a traditional School environment. Young people grow up with technology and adapt very easily. In my experience students learn quicker and more effectively.’
And a little about Adrian; ‘Online teaching allows me to work from home in a lovely part of the Country, Devon. When I am not teaching, I am often walking in the countryside with my family and dogs.’

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