Special Educational Needs

Supporting successful outcomes

Every child deserves the opportunity to learn in a way that is accessible. This is a central premise on which we work. It’s really important to us that we are the catalyst to a child’s success. As such, we work hard to respond to any stumbling blocks students may encounter in their learning. Being able to offer small classes, we have the privilege of knowing our students really well. Within a safe environment we can identify the things that they find straightforward and equally those that might be more of a challenge.

Meeting the needs of a child ensures that they are able to access learning in a way that suits them.

We provide a caring and nurturing environment, where teaching is adapted to the needs of our students, so that we can work to remove barriers to learning. We work at the child’s pace and look to develop personalised interventions, to support successful and monitored outcomes. This may involve some 121 work, to support particular difficulties and to provide strategies, which the student can employ across the curriculum. Our teachers are in close contact and work together to address all children’s learning needs. We believe that by supporting students on their learning journey, by equipping them with relevant skills and strategies, we can help them to enjoy their education as well as progress academically.

Our schemes are inclusive and we will work with you, parents and carers as well as your child to find the best fit for their education. In some instances, this may involve a more focussed, pared down curriculum to develop skills and confidence before expanding the learning to other subject areas. We pride ourselves on being able to put the child at the centre of the learning and to be able to make them smile on their learning journey. By tackling any difficulties early on and in a kind and collaborative way we hope to encourage our students to recognise their own progress.

Should you wish to discuss our approach further, please do get in touch.

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“From the start, we have found Oxford Education Online and their program very personal and professional. We are based in southern rural Spain, and there are no professionals that are based in our area that are suited to help our son with his learning difficulties. Having the ability to access experienced teachers with relevant qualifications now seems the logical solution, though we spent many years driving hours a week trying to get similar services. Our son’s confidence and expression with language have grown quickly in the period of time he has been working with Rachel, and yet he has never left a class feeling overwhelmed.“

Frank, Parent

“Once the lockdowns started, we became very concerned about our son Teo’s grades and his ability to carry on with his classes at his school. We decided to call OEO, and they provided us with a full, British curriculum covering all the core and optional subjects that met our son’s every need. His grades even improved, which we believe is largely thanks to the small class sizes and excellent teaching. We can’t thank OEO enough and really think it was the best choice for us to make”

Kiki, Parent

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