Oxford Education Online:

Where all lessons are live and class sizes never exceed 6

An online school community offering students aged 8 to 18 a full time British education, small class sizes of no more than 6, 100% live interactive lessons, weekly 1:1 tutorials and a flexible curriculum tailored to the needs of the child.

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Why OEO?


through small class sizes of no more than 6, taught by subject experts


through 100% live lessons and 1:1 tutorials


by tailoring the content and pace of the curriculum to the needs and experiences of the student


through a positive relationship with both teachers and classmates

A Warm Welcome From Our Principal

When we started our online school in 2016, we knew our children would learn fast – the combination of experienced and dedicated teachers with small groups of children is a recipe for success. We know that if children are engaged and active, they will progress.

What we didn’t realise was through the small groups and personalised learning the children are eager to ask questions to reaffirm knowledge and explore ideas, and that would result in a huge development in confidence and expression. It’s the magical ‘extra’ – unexpected yet a joy to see.

- Sarah Bacon

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Book an appointment to speak with our Principal, Sarah Bacon


OEO offers a broad and balanced full-time curriculum designed to provide the same qualifications a student in a British school would expect and inspire them to achieve and become confident, versatile and reflective learners.

Upper KS2 – Years 5-6

The pupils follow a core curriculum of Maths, English and Science. History, Geography and Modern Foreign Languages are introduced alongside a creative curriculum. Communication and IT skills develop rapidly, and in the small groups confidence grows in presenting information through classwork and independent projects.

KS3 - Years 7-9

As pupils enter the secondary curriculum, the subjects become more formalised. Students begin to develop greater self awareness about their learning and improve their analytical skills. They will use more complex communication skills in writing and speaking. The school day lengthens as they enter year 9 in preparation for the GCSE years.

KS4 (GCSE) - Years 10-11

Pupils choose around eight subjects to take through to GCSE, including Maths, English and Science. Their curriculum retains the individual weekly tutorial encouraging personal growth and expression. Some pupils may opt for early entry in Languages and Maths. The flexible curriculum allows for this.

KS5 (A-Level) – Years 12-13

The A-Level years offer specialisation which is carefully discussed in year 11. Pupils usually choose three A-Levels plus the Extended Project Qualification – which continues the OEO ethos of personalising and individualising the curriculum to promote intellectual growth and independence.

An Introduction from our Principal and Founder, Sarah Bacon

Book an appointment to speak with our Principal, Sarah Bacon