Part-time & Flexible Programmes

Whether you’re studying full-time or part-time, what’s special about OEO, is that all of our lessons are taught LIVE. Interaction, whether between students and their teachers, or students and their peers, is paramount to effective learning. It’s one of the many reasons why our students succeed, and bring their grades up so substantially.

OEO offers more flexibility than traditional institutions. One of our core beliefs is that education should be accessible no matter where you are located, and should fit around your lifestyle, without compromising on quality.

OEO offers each of our courses to our part-time students. This is a hugely popular option for students around the world, as it allows them to study a British qualification (such as a GCSE or A-Level) on top of their local school attendance.

The OEO part-time courses allow students to study a single subject or several, depending on how much time the student has for part-time study.

Reasons to study part-time:
  • Gain an internationally accredited British qualification e.g. IGCSE, or A-LEVEL
  • Study a subject or qualification that your school or institution doesn’t offer
  • Get taught by subject specialists for your most important subjects
  • Flexibility in education; study evenings, or weekends, and at times to fit around other obligations
  • Languages are disappearing from British schools; study a language with our language specialists in Chinese, Farsi, French, German, Japanese, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Turkish and more
  • Top up/reinforce your grades in a subject you study at school

Normally, we teach in 40-60 minute lessons, depending on the age of the student, however, you can choose to have your lessons grouped on one day or spread over the week. A lot of our students find the part-time courses so effective, they later switch to studying with us full-time.

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“The extra classes have really helped my confidence in the subjects which has really shown in my attainment and has tremendously reduced the stress that revision puts on me.”

Yessika, Year 12

“It always amazes me how quickly everyone starts to learn independently and to be able to communicate their ideas very effectively online. It’s fantastic to see young people learning to express themselves using a broad and mature vocabulary as well as becoming so adept at using the technology.”

Rachel, Head of Lower School & Pastoral Care

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