Why pupils find learning online with OEO stimulating and fun

Director of Teaching and Learning Jude Richardson explains why students relish the experience of online education

Jude Richardson
Director of Teaching and Learning

OEO is a school built around children and their families, and it is easy to see how this online education helps families live a life that is not ruled by the strictures of physical school attendance. But it is also overwhelmingly positive for the students themselves, so I’d like to share with you the benefits they enjoy whilst learning with OEO.

Freedom to Flourish

At the heart of our online learning is a belief that children should be encouraged to explore their interests both within and outside their core education.

Students learning with OEO see the benefits in many ways:

Learning outside lessons

Our teaching is programmed to take place in the mornings when children are fresh and more able to concentrate. This means that the rest of the day is available for other activities which give them the chance to enjoy family experiences, to train for sport or practice an instrument – our pupils say this means life is more fun, and it undoubtedly enriches their life and extends their education beyond the classroom.

Learning during lessons

Thanks to our small class sizes (one to one, or a maximum of five children per class depending on your chosen programme) every child can flourish in lessons too:

–  We build strong relationships between teachers and students so that individual teachers know each child and can gauge and support the learning taking place.

–  Children feel confident to ask questions when supported by teachers who know and understand them, so their learning and critical thinking skills improve quickly.

–  Other children in the class are supportive and understanding, so there is no pressure to speed up, slow down or pretend you understand. Our pupils can be honest and our teachers therefore tailor lessons to suit each specific group.

Encouraging independent learners

Perhaps most important from the child’s point of view is the freedom that online learning with OEO gives them to shape their own education. Each child at OEO has a very real, collaborative, decision-making stake in their own educational journey.

Building a passion for learning

We are delighted to find that our students find a real passion for learning once they are allowed to express their individual interests and ask the questions they want answered. Our small class sizes and the close relationships every teacher builds with their students means that lessons can often branch out into broader or deeper discussions around a subject driven by the interests of that particular group.

Engaged and focussed pupils

We believe children are more engaged with their learning when they feel a degree of ownership. Once in the flow of OEO learning, our pupils are responsible for getting themselves set up on time and taking part properly in lessons, and without the distractions of a large classroom we find they focus and engage much more effectively than they would in traditional education.

Parents confirm they hear much more about what their child has studied with OEO, because the lessons have sparked a genuine interest. We love to know that our lessons have been discussed around the family dinner table!

Putting the Fun in learning

This focus on understanding the individual children and tailoring their education to suit them and their families has resulted in a huge additional benefit to our students – they find learning fun!

Giving children the chance to explore aspects that interest them, giving them the freedom to express their views and learn with people who respect and understand each other; above all giving them a voice in their education turns out to be a winning formula for pupils at OEO. Take a look at our feedback and quotes from students and you’ll see just how much they enjoy learning with us.

I hope you’ll agree that online learning at OEO is both stimulating and fun for our students. If you would like your children to know more about how they can flourish with OEO, please give us a call on +44 1604 859 331 or email us on [email protected].

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