The Launch of our Virtual School

Jude Richardson – Director of Teaching and Learning

In the UK almost 60,000 pupils are home-schooled every year and this number is increasing. Home schooling used to mean parents being the teachers! But more and more parents are moving away from being the educational providers and are looking towards an online solution and well, this is how we started. A family was travelling overseas and wanted to combine home tuition, a relaxed family life with a lot of outdoors activities.

They also wanted their children to work it out a bit themselves and so with raw recruits we started! Using the expertise gleaned over many years of finding great teachers and putting together engaging yet comprehensive academic programmes we delivered our first programme on our virtual school platorm. We now offer the full range of curriculum for students for primary aged upwards.

What are the benefits of learning online?

Subject Specialists
Our experienced subject specialist teachers offer engaging and creative online lessons taught at a pace and using methodologies that suit the pupil’s learning style.  We offer the full UK curriculum subjects alongside some fascinating sessions in reading literature, project work and foreign languages. 

An Engaging Online Experience
Lessons are taught using a video conferencing tool designed for education incorporating not only webcam audio and visual contact but a whiteboard tool, screen sharing and a range of other slick teaching and learning features to bridge the digital gap that independent online learning has.  It’s user-friendly and takes a moment to install – there’s no need to be an IT whizz!

“Schooling with OEC has removed so much stress from our day. We don’t have to rush around getting our three kids to school; they are never tired as the school day is a shorter one and they have plenty of time to do their homework (and they love doing it!) …… Family life no longer revolves around school, school fits in with where and how we want to live.”

One parent, Tom in Spain describes how it works for his three children

Unique Learning Opportunity
Learning online offers a pupil more bespoke tuition with a teacher who plans and develops lessons and courses specifically around the needs of the pupil – learning is individualised.   We offer 1:1 lessons and small group sessions too.

Lessons are delivered at a time of day that suits the family routine as well as when the young pupil learns best, avoiding those tired times of the day.  There is no rush to commute to school or to hurry to extra-curricular sessions because the timetable is adapted to allow for essential sports, music and art sessions too.

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