Science Week

Dan is a passionate science teacher, who cares deeply about sharing his love for science and unlocking the curiosity hidden in every one of his students. Dan believes a love of learning as well as a driving curiosity are essential to success, especially when it comes to his subject.

What better way to promote this curiosity than to partake in the national British Science Week?

British Science Week is an annual event in the UK, it ran from 5-14 March (slightly longer than an actual week!), that first ran in 1994! It is designed for all children in both primary and secondary education.​​The theme for the week was titled “Innovating for the future” and it utilises the world of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths).

Dan organised a day in the week for his class to promote discussion, thought and deeper thinking about the theme.

Firstly, the students were asked to annotate the screen with all of their thoughts to the title of the week – some great ideas there and I got them to explain their thoughts.
We looked at some historic inventors/innovators from Darwin and Newton, to Hawkin and  Einstein. This prompted a good discussion.  

During the lesson a music video was played (, which showed innovators of the music industry. This really got the children hooked on the topic and prompted an enthusiastic discussion about the innovation.

Following the session Dan hosted a Q&A and the children were given a choice of projects to complete over an extended time.

The science week was a great success that both the students and their teacher enjoyed. The students developed their thinking skills, awareness of past scientific innovators and their effects on our own lives, as well as researching more recent innovation, yet to come. This is something OEO will try to replicate with each subject throughout the academic year and carry on as a tradition in future years to come!

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