Principal Sarah Bacon shares her view on the benefits of online education

As the sun finally begins to shine in our corner of England, a fresh feeling of excitement is in the air. Can we begin to get back to normal life, at least for a while? 

Sarah Bacon

‘Back to normal’ for us means continuing to bring all the benefits of online education to the growing number of families who see just how effective it can be for every child – including children with external specialist training or practice schedules; children who are not ‘switched on’ or pushed enough at regular schools; those who struggle because they are bullied or lack confidence; families who are living or travelling abroad but want a British education; and a whole lot more who simply find that online education gives them the freedom to live life without the stress and inconvenience of endless school runs. 

A school built around your child 

When we set up OEO in 2016 we were determined to build an education where the children and their families come first. Since then we have continued to use digital technology to deliver a broad and varied education across the world, following the British curriculum. Our teachers and support staff have been carefully selected for their strengths in online teaching and their ability to inspire young minds to learn and understand. Schools that have been set up online from the start have become experts in the field, and we are proud to be at the forefront of these developments.

Of course an online education is effectively ‘portable’, allowing you to access teaching wherever you are and whenever it works for you. A good online school will train both parents and children in how to use digital tools safely and confidently, so that children can access their education without the need for parents to become ‘home teachers’. Beyond that, classes can be timetabled to work around the child (or family)’s special interests. Even our full-time education program sees lessons finished by lunchtime, meaning everyone can enjoy the rest of their day with friends or family, or get down to some serious training or practice!

Small classes allow children to flourish

The benefits of online schooling increase enormously if you also limit class sizes so that teachers and pupils can be closely involved in every lesson and build a strong relationship. For example, at OEO we have small class sizes with a maximum of 5 children, so teachers quickly get to know and understand your child. This makes a huge difference to their education and we find it makes school fun for everyone:

– Children rapidly gain confidence in a small class, so they are more engaged and enjoy learning – this is key!

– Children who catch on quickly can be stretched, rather than get bored and start to coast waiting for a large class to catch up

– Children who have questions or need different explanations can get immediate help, so they don’t continue to struggle or get left behind

– Children who may feel bullied or intimidated in a physical classroom are protected by the close supervision of our online experts, and everyone learns to behave respectfully and fairly under their watchful eye

– Parents can get to know the teachers too, communication is easy and quick and there is a true partnership between the family and the school.

Online Learning works 

So yes, I am feeling excited that the sun is finally shining and our families can begin to enjoy the free time that online education releases for them. Wherever you are, I hope that life is beginning to get ‘back to normal’ and I look forward to sharing your experiences as we give your children the education they deserve. 

Sarah Bacon


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