How personalised elective modules encourage teamwork and inspire active learning

Rachel Smith, Head of Lower School & Pastoral Care, shares how Oxford Education Online creates a rich and collaborative educational environment.

Small class sizes at OEO provide a personalised education that allows every child to progress at their own pace and thrive. But does this mean pupils are isolated? Parents might worry that their child will feel restricted within their teaching groups, but at OEO we involve pupils in collaborative projects that extend their understanding of the world around them whilst ensuring they work in different teams, meet online with a wide range of people, and explore issues outside the confines of the curriculum.

A rich selection of elective modules

We know how important it is for children to have different experiences to challenge and inspire them, and that these create shared memories which shed new light on other areas of the curriculum.

This is why we instigated a programme of elective modules across the school year, involving all of our pupils across Key Stages 2 and 3. The modules take about half a term, and offer choices in areas you might not expect to be feasible online, including art, music, design and food technology.

Learning in different groups

Students are placed in different groups for electives, meaning they may be taking part in whole-school activities for Year 5 to Year 8, or in small but vertical (across ages) teaching groups, allowing them to interact in a different way and learn from each other.

The sessions are also a good opportunity for our teachers to see the students in different contexts, since they will sit in on the sessions to ensure they can reflect learning from the session in subsequent lessons across the curriculum.

Shared learning for life

We are delighted that OEO’s series of elective modules are proving so effective. By introducing activities and academic disciplines outside the usual curriculum we help students build their creative thinking skills and place their learning in a new context. They become active learners, confident in communicating and presenting, able to ask questions and enjoy finding out about different people and issues.

More importantly, perhaps, our electives are just one example of the many ways in which we ensure our students benefit from interaction with a range of people across many different areas. You are always welcome to discuss with us how we ensure our students have a rich and varied experience. If you think online education means lonely education, think again!

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