What kids really think about online schooling!

Indi, Max and Leon (aged 10 in the picture) joined Oxford Education Online after a family move to Spain.
Three siblings studying online at home – Is this a recipe for disaster? Was it difficult to transition from school to learning online? Let’s ask Indi, Max and Leon and find out!

When your parents first mentioned online learning, what were your first thoughts?
Indi: If we’re doing online lessons we need a computer. I didn’t have one, so my dad shocked me by buying me a computer, so great! In the beginning I was worried, but the teachers are friendly and very approachable with questions and I get to complete research projects!
Max: My first thought was ‘oh no I won’t get to see my friends or anyone’ but as I kept doing it, I realised I could skype all my friends around the world, and still meet up after my school work.
Leon: I thought I would miss school, being outside, being able to play with friends.
I don’t miss it anymore, I prefer having a smaller classroom because no one judges you for my answers and other kids don’t shout over you.

Do you feel like you’re learning as much as you did in a traditional school?
Indi: I learn more because I can stop the teachers and ask for explanations. In school I felt shy because others might laugh.
Now I get the internet to help learn and for videos, which were not normally allowed in my old school, except to go print things out and in IT lessons.

“Schooling with OEC has removed so much stress from our day. We don’t have to rush around getting our three kids to school; they are never tired as the school day is a shorter one and they have plenty of time to do their homework (and they love doing it!) …… Family life no longer revolves around school, school fits in with where and how we want to live.”

One parent, Tom in Spain describes how it works for his three children

Did you have any worries at first about studying online instead of traditional classrooms, for example, having to learn how to use computers for studying?
Max: Using computers was easy, as I learned gradually from my teachers, parents and siblings.
I have more time to do stuff like surfing, join clubs outside of school, and see friends now.
Leon: I missed tennis and rugby at school, and miss sports day and school events. But now I still get to join sports clubs after my classes. I do tennis and swimming now. I also go horse riding with my friends in my free time now instead.

Do you find the mornings easier, not having to commute to school?
Max: A lot easier, no stress about getting to school on time and remembering to bring homework. Only a minute away from the lesson in the morning and can always get to it.
Indi: I get more sleep now, so I feel more refreshed and I can concentrate better now.

What would you change or improve about your experience learning online?
Leon: I preferred school lunches, because at home my parents make me eat healthily, and I don’t get chocolate biscuits like at my old school.

Are there things you value about being able to study at home?
Max: When we were younger we moved everywhere and had to go to all types of schools, different religions and different languages, now we decided to go online and it’s so much easier.
I get more time with my family, I prefer being closer to my family.
Oh and school lunches! No offence to any schools, but my dad cooks way better meals! Can’t wait for those.
Indi: I get a lot more time for things outside school like hobbies and my family now. Dad gives me cooking lessons too now!
Also, I can’t get away with doodling or not paying attention in class, as teachers see and hear everything!

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