Meet our Team
Our team of specialists have a range of expertise and experience in teaching and counselling to ensure our students have the best educational journey.

We understand what is important to you and our students.

Sarah Bacon
Director of Teaching & Learning
Jude Richardson
Head of Lower School & Pastoral Care

Rachel Smith
Accounts & Finance Manager
Sue Bonell
Senior Placement Counsellor

Emma Lindsay
Medical Sciences & Oxbridge Specialist
Liz Carter
Teacher of English
Alexis Brookfield
Teacher of History and English
Emily Payton
Teacher of English Language
Jess Goyder
Teacher of English
Kaye Soulsby
Teacher of Maths
Pip Caunt
Teacher of English, History and Primary
Lainy Rodgers
Teacher of of Chemistry and Biology
Sharon Evans
Teacher of Primary
Sam Whatley
Teacher of Maths
Julia Hess
Teacher of Drama & Primary
Emily Stiles
Teacher of Art
Stephanie Beesley
Teacher of English
Jenny Small
Teacher of Science
Dan Gregory
Teacher of Geography
Elizabeth Shipman
Teacher of English
Nicole Walsh
Teacher of History & Latin
Nick Rawson
Teacher of Maths & Chemistry
Glynis Drinkwater
Teacher of Spanish
Monica Vila-Parcerisa
Teacher of Music
Henry Rankin
Teacher of History, Geography & English
Nick Thorner
Teacher of English Literature
Richard Sanderson
Teacher of Science for KS2 & 3
Lucy Martin
Primary specialist
Belinda Boden
Teacher of Business and Economics
Adrian Budd

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