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When we consider ‘e-learning’ the most common thoughts we have are around the idea of convenience and flexibility but as evidence has consistently shown, a student learning online benefits from a wealth of advantages.

One of the key features of online education for children and teenagers is that of fast progress. Thanks to skilled teachers employing a range of multi-media tools and content and students being able to work at a time and pace to suit their individual learning style, the amount of content students retain is higher when studied online.

In addition to this, one of the most valuable contributions online learning makes is to increase learner autonomy and helps students become a more independent learner. All these factors join up to promote fast, intensive progress enjoyed by our students in lessons that are engaging, creative and a lot of fun.

Below we explore how.

Our teaching team is made up of subject specialists all of whom hold internationally recognised professional teaching qualifications. We have a robust recruitment process which includes obtaining professional and detailed references as well as conducting enhanced safeguarding and DBS checks on all our staff. Furthermore, we provide fully comprehensive training to ensure that our teachers are equipped to meet the needs of our learners and can maximise the potential our online platform provides. Our teachers all hold Level 1 Safeguarding certificates and are trained to work and promote safe online practices ensuring students understand our Working Safely Online policy.

Our expertise and experience is embedded in the UK education system. For over 25 years we have developed education programmes in the UK and overseas for students from Great Britain and from around the world. Although our courses follow the UK primary and secondary curriculums, we are not limited to these and welcome the opportunity to teach syllabuses from other national education departments and schools. We liaise closely with schools that students may have attended previously and where possible, help to guide parents and children towards a program that will complement the next steps in their child’s educational pathway.

At the heart of our planning and course design is the student. At an initial meeting with parents (and the student, depending on the child’s age) we listen to the schooling needs of the child/children in the context of family life. We gently assess the level of the student across core subjects and explore areas of particular strength, interest and creativity. This, along side careful diagnosis of any gaps in knowledge or weakness in understanding is carried forward to form a programme of teaching or scheme or work that is not only highly individualised but flexible in order to suit how the student learns best.

Oxford Education Online uses a Moodle education platform that incorporates Zoom as the video-conferencing tool where lessons take place. A student logs into our secure platform and accesses their own learning space for live online sessions with their teacher. Our online rooms are used only by our students and when external tools are accessed, for example, to show video content, these sites are accessed by the teacher and shared with the student. This ensures that the content students are exposed to is controlled, appropriate and above all safe. Zoom is an internationally renowned platform and provides us with a range of slick, innovative tools such as whiteboards, presentation screens, annotation tools as well as audio and video streaming options. We use webcams and microphones to bridge the digital gap that can be felt across a monitor interface and prioritise our teachers and students building a strong rapport and bond from the outset.

As previously mentioned, all of our teachers are qualified to the highest standard and have many years of teaching practice behind them. We recruit carefully making sure that our teachers have a love for online teaching and learning, a passion for their subject and a warm approach to students. We seek feedback from the student and parents after the initial lessons and regularly check that the learner is happy and making progress by monitoring the progression of the course. Also, we maintain a clear overview of the evaluations that are carried out and discuss the learner’s progress with their teacher on a weekly basis.
Our teachers are encouraged to keep up to date with new innovations in online learning and are supported well in their skills development in this area. Pedagogically, we have a sincere and highly proficient teacher observation and development programme ensuring that all lessons are well-planned, prepared and of the very highest standard.
Our programmes are led by our Directors and Senior Academic Co-ordinators who each have over 20 years’ experience in senior teaching and management positions in the UK and overseas.

One of the great strengths of what we do is to design a course that is individualised for the student. This means that from the outset we assess the learner’s level and the areas of strengths and weakness. One to one and small group learning afford the teacher many more opportunities to evaluate the learning that is taking place as tasks can be set regularly to ascertain understanding and progress. In addition to this learning online promotes good learner skills in that students can work quickly through things they know or find ‘easy’ and slow down for more in depth analysis and practice in areas that are a challenge.
We issue reports as standard at the end of each term. However, we also endeavour to feedback more informally to parents regularly, either by email or in an online meeting/call. We are always very happy to send reports and feedback at the request of parents.

The answer to this questions is both! Whilst our school programmes for young learners focus on the UK National Curriculum it is as available to international students as it is to those whose first language is English. We specialise in teaching students who use English as their second (or even third) language and having spent over 30 years in this teaching context, we fully appreciate and understand the challenges that pupils can encounter when accessing a full curriculum in a foreign language.

Assessment is a key factor for students, parents and teachers alike. We value being able to demonstrate the progress that our students make by several different means, some are creative and individualised, others are standard, traditional methods of testing. We select a mode of assessment that will draw out the very best chance of allowing the student to show and demonstrate their learning. This assessment is ongoing and reported back to parents regularly and can also be more formal in style too, encompassing end of term tests for example.
For older students studying GSCE or AS/A-Levels we deliver mock exams and timed assessments throughout the academic year.

Our courses are competitively priced, and pricing will depend on whether the student is taking individual lessons or group lessons. Pricing for some courses e.g. SEN and school entrance preparation may be slightly higher. All pricing is available on request.

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