Group & Individual Learning
OEO teaches each lesson live, with a subject specialist, ensuring our class sizes stay small, by offering both private 1 to 1 classes, and small group classes generally up to 6 students.

We strongly believe that having these smaller class sizes is key to ensuring student engagement, enjoyment and performance. Students have the confidence to both ask and answer questions, and the teacher has the time to focus on each student’s needs and pace of learning. In traditionally larger classes and lectures, it’s difficult for teachers to tailor lessons to individual students, and to build understanding and relationship with each of their students.

These are all things our teachers really focus on doing well, and we can see the effect through our students’ success, and how each student transforms along their educational journey, by building their knowledge, confidence and developing into balanced young adults.

Which class size is right for me?

1 to 1 Classes

With our 1 to 1 courses, we want to offer students and parents the most flexibility possible, at competitive prices.Studying 1 to 1, allows the most flexibility when it comes to admission dates, lesson timetables, and subject choices.Our 1 to 1 classes are intensive, and we generally find our students progress very quickly. This can be ideal for someone who really wants to perform their best in a specific subject, or maybe has an area of difficulty in another.Teachers will tailor the lessons for the individual student, and ensure it follows the pace that suits the student, and keeps challenging them and engaging their curiosity.

Small groups (3-5):

Our small groups, generally consisting of up to 6 students, offer great flexibility when compared with traditional schooling. A student can study a wide range of subjects anywhere in the world. The timetables may have more rigidity than our 1 to 1 classes, as loose admission dates are required, though we still offer flexibility regarding these (such as 1 to 1 catch up classes if you join part-way during the year). Most lessons are scheduled early in the day (UK time), which allows students in eastern time zones to join easily.

Small group sizes, enable our teachers to cater for each student’s needs and build that important relationship with their students.

Small learning groups are the perfect way for our students to build their confidence, team working skills, as well as learning from each other. Every student brings something new to the discussion, whether that be a different perspective, a unique idea, or a question that nobody else thought about.
In small groups we find that students stay very focused on the tasks at hand, engaged with the lessons, and interact readily with their classmates.

Both class types are effective for our students, and the choice generally depends on individual preference and needs. Our students often have a mix of group and 1 to 1 lessons in their programme, providing a perfect balance of both styles of learning.

We highly recommend getting in contact to discuss which programmes are best suited to your needs.

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“I am studying in my house and there’s no need to travel to school. It’s more challenging and I am learning more rapidly. I am doing more and the teachers are really nice.”

Xavi, Year 8

“It always amazes me how quickly everyone starts to learn independently and to be able to communicate their ideas very effectively online. It’s fantastic to see young people learning to express themselves using a broad and mature vocabulary as well as becoming so adept at using the technology.”

Rachel, Head of Lower School & Pastoral Care

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