Full-time Programmes

A broad and balanced curriculum

OEO offers a broad and balanced full-time curriculum with content designed to inspire our students to achieve and become confident, versatile and reflective learners. This is all in the context of our small groups, which are a maximum of 6 students. Our vision is the development of curiosity about subjects and the world at large. We do this by offering a three dimensional structure which follows a linear curriculum programme comparable to other education systems but with the opportunity to explore subjects in additional depth, allowing each student to incorporate their personal interests and passions. We encourage cross-curricular thinking and recognise that students need a skills set that prepares them well for the future, enabling them to build on the knowledge base that they acquire. The curriculum is developed in partnership with our teachers in response to the needs of our students.

Core, foundation, and optional subjects

By providing a core of Maths, English Language, English Literature and Science, accompanied by History, Geography, Modern Foreign Languages and Art, Music, Design and Technology we offer a range of subjects comparable to other school systems but are fortunate in being able to flex to the learning pace of the student. The addition of Personal, Social, Health and Economic education ensures that we take a holistic view of our place in the world and reinforce the sense of community. The Project module demonstrates our desire to involve students in the formulation of their learning; they are encouraged to explore topics of their own choice and interest, feeding the transferable skills from other subjects into a creative research-based piece of work. At the centre of our curriculum are our students, this is why the tutorial system is crucial to supporting them and ensuring that they are learning effectively, equally allowing them to share their multiple successes.

In addition to the core and foundation subjects, we have a vast range of optional subjects, full details of which are available in our downloadable curriculum documents for each age group.

A well thought out timetable

The lesson lengths vary depending on the age of the child. Lessons for younger children are generally 40 minute long, whilst older students have longer lessons up to 60 minutes in length. For full time curriculums we find lessons work well in the morning leaving the afternoons for other activities. These are some of our considerations. We work with you to find the best fit and to achieve optimum learning without overloading concentration spans. It’s important to us that our structure leaves time for sports and other activities in the day; we truly value the contribution that extra-curricular activities bring to a child’s development.
Overall our curriculum is designed to be both comparable to other systems and to be personalised to the individual needs of the student. We believe this encourages openness of thought and enables students to acknowledge their progress from competency to proficiency and on to mastery of their subjects, empowering them to make informed choices in their future education and careers as well as giving the option to pursue recognised assessment routes where requested

Is this the same curriculum I would follow in school?

Our full-time courses are designed as replacements to traditional schooling, and provide all the qualifications a student in a British School could normally expect.

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“We learn more because there are less people, nicer teachers and we have a lot of fun. I am able to ask more questions now because I am more confident because I am getting to know the teachers and students better.”

Max, Year 7

“Online schooling with Oxford Education Online has removed so much stress from our day. Family life no longer revolves around school, school fits in with where and how we want to live. We are so happy with Oxford Education Online.”

Tom, Parent

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