Our Fees 2021-2022

It’s important to note that our fees are based on all the lessons being taught live with subject specialist teachers. If a child has a 13 hour programme, all 13 hours will be taught live. Self-access and recorded lessons are never part of these taught hours.

We do, however, timetable additional self-study to reinforce what students have learned in class, in addition to regular homework assignments.The figures below give an idea of our fees, however for the most accurate pricing it’s always best to get in touch with us.Fees depend on the level and length of course, as well as class size.
Specialist teaching fees, such as SEN, or Public School entrance test preparation, may be higher.

We suggest you contact us for specific pricing for your child.All academic fees include VAT
All full-time courses include a one-to-one tutorial, once a week, with the student’s tutor.

The full school curriculum is usually 13.5 hours per week, for KS2-3 (ages 9-14).For KS4/GCSE (ages 14-16) the contact hours generally range from 13.5 to 16.5 per week, depending on the number of GCSE subjects.The full school curriculum is usually 17 hours per week, for KS5/A-Level (ages 16+).

Find out more about our Full-time courses here


Years 5-6 (Ages 9-11)

Years 7-9 (Ages 11-14)

Years 10-11 (5 GCSE subjects from our core subject offering) 

Years 10-11 (7-8 GCSE subjects from our core subject offering) 

Years 12-13 (3 A-Levels) 

Single GCSE course (2 hours/week, 34 weeks):

Single A-Level course (4 hours/week, 34 weeks):

£3,000 per term

£3,300 per term

£2,700 per term

£3,600 per term

£5,250 per term

£600 per term

£1,700 per term

Extra lessons above the core offer are charged at £54 per hour (individual lesson) or £30 for a shared lesson – charge is prorated for shorter lessons


Single GCSE course (2 hours/week, 34 weeks):

Single A-Level course (4 hours/week, 34 weeks):

£1,250 per term

£2,500 per term

We recognise that not all students will want to embark on a full time course of study over 34 weeks.  We therefore offer a full range of subjects, with specialist teachers, for students of all ages, by the lesson.  These lessons may be serve as ‘top up’ lessons to improve understanding in a specific subject, or a 2nd language, etc.  Lessons are generally 60 minutes in duration but we also offer 40 minute lessons as well.


Find out more about our Part-time courses here

Individual/ one to one classes

Groups of 3-5

£60 (1 hour lesson), £40 (40 minute lesson)

£36 (1 hour lesson), £25 (40 minute lesson)

Please contact Sue, at enquiries@oeoschool.com, if you wish to discuss fees for the remainder of this academic year.
Alternatively, please use our instant chat or contact form to get in touch with any queries.

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“Having less people in the class helps me to concentrate a lot better. With this type of learning you can go at your own speed and take your own time, no stress. It makes it so much more enjoyable than always having to move on quickly in a bigger class. I actually like to learn now which sounds a bit strange!”

Indi, Year 8

“The teachers appear to have a more peer to peer relationship, on first name basis that allows the kids to feel comfortable to discuss and engage in their classes, allowing the kids to have fun, still be kids but in a controlled learning environment. We would highly recommend Oxford Education Online to anyone who is considering new ways to educate their children.”

Frank, Parent

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