Bespoke Programmes

Increasingly parents and students need educational programmes that adapt to time zones and a weekly structure enabling consistent education to be maintained from anywhere in the world.

We understand the importance of being able to ‘take your education with you’ if the family needs to move. Equally, we know that a mainstream school timetable may not always offer the specific areas or approach required by some learners.

We are flexible in the way we manage the programme, sensitive to specific needs our learners may have and experienced in our pedagogical methodology. We aim to produce a fully customised curriculum whether for reasons of lifestyle, health, specific needs.

Iwo, 16, attending football academy (FCV), while studying a bespoke 5 subject GCSE programme.

Key points of the bespoke programme
  • Available to all ages, from Primary education to A-Level and University preparation
  • Fully customisable to meet any lifestyle, or to work around barriers, such as longer breaks in between lessons or blocks scheduled at different times of day
  • Adjustable weekly schedules, to allow for planned treatment, physiotherapy and/or other events
  • Wide range of qualifications from GCSE, to A-Level and their equivalents
  • Provision of high quality Special Needs academic tutoring and teaching that some schools may not adequately provide at their needed pace
  • 1 to 1 or small classroom sizes available, so students feel comfortable challenging themselves further than they would in a large class, as well as having more access to ask questions and for help
  • Entire course catalogue available at the times that suit you most

From the start, we have found Oxford Guardians and their program very personal and professional. We are based in southern rural Spain, and there are no professionals that are based in our area that are suited to help our son with his learning difficulties. Having the ability to access experienced teachers with relevant qualifications now seems the logical solution, though we spent many years driving hours a week trying to get similar services. Sarah and Jude oversaw the review of our son’s academic history and they suggested a tutor, Rachel, that they thought would be best suited to our son…..his class is on a Saturday morning, and he has never once complained about having to do the lessons, and in fact mostly is very enthusiastic about what they have done during the class. Rachel has given his tasks to achieve such as composing his own story which he has found very rewarding and was very proud to present to us. Our son´s confidence and expression with language have grown quickly in the period of time he has been working with Rachel, and yet he has never left a class feeling overwhelmed.

Frank (Parent)

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