Application Process

*Step 4 – Participate in a taster lesson

Prospective students are offered a 30 minute free taster lesson as soon as the Registration Form has been received by OEO.  The taster lesson is generally in a subject of the prospective student’s choice and may cover a specific topic if requested by the student.

*Step 5 – Take Maths and English assessment

Prospective students may be asked to sit Maths and English assessments so that we can assess the student’s ability before allocating the student to group or individual lessons.  Each assessment is about 30 minutes long.

*Step 6 – Feedback

One of our Senior Management Team will provide feedback to the student after the taster lesson and assessments (if taken) and discuss next steps.

*Step 8 – Schedule induction and start lessons

All students are inducted on our online learning platform before lessons formally start.  Regular feedback is given and full time students also have a private 20 minute tutorial each week to discuss progress. Please see our Terms and Conditions. 


Technical introduction to accessing the learning platform for the student and, depending on the age of the pupil, the parent too.


The student will participate in an active introductory lesson with a teacher designed to build confidence and familiarisation with the technology.


Student completes formative bench-marking assessments in English Language and Maths in a supportive lesson environment.


Short formative report provided to parents and teachers to inform future teaching and to provide a baseline from which to monitor progress.


Fortnightly email updates will be provided to parents and carers on the student’s learning with formative indications of positive progress.


Reports are provided every half term and end of term, indicating progress in individual subjects, as well guidance on overall progress and achievements.


“It always amazes me how quickly everyone starts to learn independently and to be able to communicate their ideas very effectively online. It’s fantastic to see young people learning to express themselves using a broad and mature vocabulary as well as becoming so adept at using the technology.”

Rachel, Head of Lower School & Pastoral Care

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